Do Not Alter Sword Alterations will lessen the value
Buyers have a One Day Inspection with
Full and Immediate Refund

Ask About Time-Pay Option


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Things to Remember
Plug your Ears and Open your Eyes

Legends Swirl while Swords Sit

Time is your Friend, Haste your Enemy

All Rules Are Beginner's Rules

Sword First, Price Second

Don't Dine with Sharks

MURAKUMO - The Sword from God
Yorimasa - Innovator of Seppuku
Tokiwa Gozen *
Gotoba & the ICHIMONJI
Godaigo's Dream
Sengoku *
Kamikaze - The Divine Wind
Jingo-kogo *
Tadaoki & Gracia*
* Women's Stories

Ancient Teaching: "One-Sun longer, more Dangerous"
                      "One-Sun shorter, more Deadly"
Advice on Polishing
People ask how to go about having their sword polished. 
My Advice: Find the quality of polish you admire. Ask the owner who polished that sword and contact that polisher directly. NEVER have a dealer or go between take your sword for polish. They charge a large percentage and contract for cheap work. 
Rule: Pay as little as possible for a sword - but always pay as much as possible for quality polish. You do not want to have poor polish work. 
Therefore never use a dealer for a go-between; always write the actual polisher and send your sword to that person, yourself.

Note on Care of Books
With books, one mar or fingerprint to the ink of the pictures - one crease or crush to a page - any difference from brand-new, creates value loss and permanently sets the book back. Just as chips in a blade - or chips in the lacquer of a Saya create value loss. It is overt damage.

"Normal use" is damage to books.

Anyone having reference or collector books, antique book collectors or curators, all have the same, expected and specific method of handling books. - This is similar to proper sword etiquette being the only allowable method. 

Important Note on Collecting
It is perhaps a partial statement, but none the less not far-fetched, to say that the sword appraisal agencies and sword clubs in modern Japan have made up and created a mind-set for today's collectors; and have set them like sheep for the polished, papered "Packaged" sword products. - Little notice has been taken that the real works of the Samurai, the actual swords of the Samurai - are being wholly altered, ground up by polishing and re-constructed, essentially ending their specific histories.

When a Temple or Shrine is completely reconstructed; or moved down the street to make way for a parking garage - is it the same?

One of the aspects for collectors is certainly polished, and papered swords; - While the other, however, are original, real Samurai antique swords. Nihonto.

     The two are not the same

Many of the Japanese collectors would never bother changing, papering or altering their swords at all - of course, the why of this hasn't been loudly preached.

Selling before Buying
My Advice: They will sell when they sell. They really will. They'll sell tomorrow - or maybe within the year. 
How will it feel looking back in five years, if your sale items sell in a month - or in a year and half? 
Once sold, they are gone and not before.

Generally, it doesn't matter - only that they sold at some point and that you didn't let a thing you wanted, get away.

Otherwise, you end up with the things that didn't sell.

Doing Teaches

Equation is Perfect
Where Numbers are Not

Pictures Don't Show
                   What Can't Be Seen

First Things First

Three Times, the Charm

Genuine yells loudly
Fakes gnaw at the senses

Snakes Dress in Pretty Clothes

The Old Way is the Right Way

If you really hit the Ball,
set the bat down gently.

The One Pervasive Quality is: Subtlety. Some are more artful.

Don't make a Cow's Ear
from a Silk Purse

In a Room full of Liars,
What is your truth?

When You Really Know...
-You'll be Alone

Ancient Proverb: "Get back what you pay, and yer OK"