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YAMATO    Old YAMATO          
AMATSUMAURA SHIN-DAI        "Age of the Gods"

The Sword of the Billowing Clouds
SUSANO-O, born of the breath of God, was asked to inhabit the land of NE. Before which, he plied a request to visit his sister, AMATERASU "The Divine Goddess of the Sun" in her exclusive and newly given domain, the much loved and heretofore common family abode: 
"The Plain of The High Sky" - TAKAMA-GA-HARA.

Upon arrival, he promptly threw a petulant fit, mucking-up field and forest. A little boy at tantrum. -

         The banality was the shock. 

Undone, The Goddess of the Sun retired to the cave of AMA-no-IWATO, plunging the Universe into darkness. 

With the lights out, everyone became, understandably, quite concerned. A group of conspirators positioned themselves about the sealed entrance.

They soon discover the Land of GO (China) 

  Three Imperial Treasures

Izanagi & Izanami
See Sovereigns
TAMA-no-OYA-no-MIKOTO brought the "Jewel" and ISHIKORITOMI-no-MIKOTO fabricated the Flower of Eight Petals Mirror - things for the play of light.

AME-no-HIWASHI-no-MIKOTO thought, however, to appeal to the instincts and provide a luminous bolt of hemp-cloth. A MASAKAKI tree was made mannequin for these ornaments and the music begun.

AME-no-UZUME-no-MIKOTO sang and danced - a different vision in different minds.

Soon a slip of white light knifed the top of the door allowing a glimpse of AMATERASU's curious eyes. Instantly TAJIKARA-O-no-MIKOTO pulls open her shutter-stone and their invisible figures explode in numbing brilliance. Eclipsing color erases shadow as blinding columns blast into the shattered still of the heavens. Our delicate princess, with the enraptured expression of a five year old...
                                                                                       - joins the party.

The hiding FUTOTAMA-no-MIKOTO and KOYANE-no-MIKOTO awaited her exit to strap forever the entrance with rope...

This SHINTO joy and mystery is the flag of the Japanese

SUSANO-O was exiled to IZUMO. Here he encountered the eight-headed, eight-tailed serpent, YAMATO-no-OROCHI just before sup on the beautiful young maid, INADA-HIME.

A drunkard, the dragon was successfully fooled with a smile and a bottle. In a profusion of billowing clouds, a hidden sword was pulled from the tail of poor, slain OROCHI.

SUSANO-O made this triumph a present to AMATERASU in atonement and gift-giving. This was Japan's first prelude to many banishings and as many forgivings.


SUSANO-O married the girl and set about a prodigious and successful campaign to populate the coast.

In due time his stunning endeavors produced a handsome inheritance, for which AMATERASU sent TAKEMIKAZUCHI and FUTSUNUSHI to make way for her grandchild, NINIGI-no-MIKOTO or more properly, AMATSUHIKO-HIKOHO-no-NINIGI.

AMATSUHIKO-HIKOHO-no-NINIGI descended from Heaven with a great host, first touching the summit of Mt. TAKACHIHO in HYUGA.

In his arms he bore his grandmother's gifts:

The Jewel  - 
The Mirror - 
The Sword  -

"The Sword of The Billowing Clouds"

NINIGI-no-MIKOTO married KONO-HANA-SAKUYA-HIME, the Spirit of Mt. FUJI and daughter of the Mountain Spirit, OYAMATSUMI. Their great-grandchild is JIMMU-TENNO, first Emperor of Japan. See Sovereigns

The AME-no-MURAKUMO-no-TSURUGI, The Sword of Billowing Clouds was kept in the Imperial Palace in the south until the reign of the long lived 10th Emperor, SUJIN. He built the KASANUI Shrine in 92 BC, installing his own daughter as priestess vested with the care of two of AMATERASU's Treasures, The Mirror and The Sword.

The KASANUI Shrine was moved to ISE in 5 BC. It was here, over one hundred fifteen years later, that Emperor KEIKOs' son, YAMATOTAKERU-no-MIKOTO received the MURAKUMO Sword from the priestess YAMATO-HIME for his venture to subdue the EBISU.

He traveled the TOKAIDO and when hunting, the EBISU trapped him with a wall of fire in the tall grass. He outwitted them by cutting an insulating swath in the field. The sword was then, thereafter, also called the KUSANAGI-no-TSURUGI or Grass-scything Sword. Unfortunately, YAMATOTAKERU fell ill on his expedition and died at 33. (More on YAMATOTAKERU inJingo)

Emperor SUJIN had copies of The Mirror and The Sword made to enshrine their spirits while the originals might accompany the sovereign.

The AME-no-MURAKUMO-no-TSURUGI or KUSANAGI Sword and its spirit is installed and revered at the great ATSUTA-DAIJINGU Shrine in OWARI.

SUSANO-O "God of the Sea" reclaimed the original along with the spirit of little ANTOKU from the folly of DAN-no-URA.

Luckily, an arrow tethered the robes of TAIRA SHIGEHIRA's wife, saving the Sacred Mirror.


Treasure Sword of the SHI-TENNO-JI

 - The HEI-SHI-SHO-RIN Sword - 
- In the reign of SUIKO -
2 SHAKU 1.7
8 BU
6 BU
5.5 BU
4.6 SUN

A surprise birth in the horse-stable earned him the humorous surname: UMAYA no OJI - "Little Prince of the Stables." He was SESSHO or "Regent" under Empress SUIKO and a great overseer to the formation of Japanese culture. A disciple of the Korean BONZE, EJI, he ushered the teaching of Buddhism and introduced the Chinese calendar and a model of Chinese law. He built SHI-TENNO-JI and other Buddhist temples.

Beautiful KO-ITAME MASAME mix with JI-NIE. HOSO-SUGU of shallow NOTARE BA. Subtlety of NIOI, NIOI-FUKASHI and KO-NIE cuts the upper HABUCHI. Placement of KO-ASHI in the mid creates delicate KO-GUNOME KO-CHOJI in the long undulations of a deepening line. YAKIDASHI descends to the HA. BOSHI is SUGU on the HA that falls in a small ICHI-like YAKIZUMI. KOSHI-MOTO has the famous gold inscription: