Osafune Kanenaga 
                 A Truly Exciting Namboku Tachi


Just under 28" Nagasa with O-Suriage Nakago. 
Juyo, with Tanobei Saya-Gaki. Extremely thick and strong, this piece has a starkly vibrant health - like a new sword. A head-master of the Chogi school, Kanenaga blends the height of Soshu and Bizen styles. 
The steel shines with a bright luminescence. Dappling Utsuri outlines an especially exuberant Soden Hamon. The whole work is lively and harmonious. This sword literally lit up the examination room.

Please note: Unfortunately, these pictures are all slightly out-of-focus and the picture-color is dark.


Utsuri rolls 
through the Ji
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