Osafune Kanenaga 
                 A Truly Exciting Namboku Tachi

Just under 28" Nagasa with O-Suriage Nakago. 
Juyo, with Tanobei Saya-Gaki. Extremely thick and strong, this piece has a starkly vibrant health - like a new sword. A head-master of the Chogi school, Kanenaga blends the height of Soshu and Bizen styles. 
The steel shines with a bright luminescence. Dappling Utsuri outlines an especially exuberant Soden Hamon. The whole work is lively and harmonious. This sword literally lit up the examination room.

Unfortunately, these pictures are all slightly out-of-focus and the picture-color is dark.


Utsuri rolls 
through the Ji
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