Eckhard Kremer's SUKASHI TSUBA - English and German - 190 pgs          Also: Juyo Books

Covers all SUKASHI schools. Nice. Hardbound.
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NIHON no KOJU - Dr Sawada
"Japanese Matchlocks Flintlocks & Percussion" - Japanese - 230 pgs
The very best book on the subject. Covers Japanese guns, mostly antique. Even Wheellocks. Also covers guns imported at the turn of the 19th Century.
Quoted experts: "Best book ever published" - "Wonderful book"
Color plates shows the most unique specimens in the world. Large Folio size. Hardbound.
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Stones & Swords - Laurent Milhau
The First Book dedicated to the art of polishing and restoration. Full texts in both French and English. All stages of work, tools and endeavor are described and illustrated in quality print and excellent photographs. There are sections on sword care, taking OSHIGATA and a fine Glossary of Terms, with KANJI, that make this a very fine work.

Laurent Milhau trained in Japan under Kajihara Kotoken and then worked at the Ueno Museum under Mr Ogasawara. He studied HABAKI and SHIRA-SAYA under Mrs Ando and Hiroi. His KOKUSAI TOKEN KAI is a non-profit organization dedicated to the Preservation of the Japanese Sword.
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Note on Care of Books
With books, one mar or fingerprint to the ink of the pictures - one crease or crush to a page - any difference from brand-new, creates value loss and permanently sets the book back. Just as chips in a blade - or chips in the lacquer of a Saya create value loss. It is overt damage.

"Normal use" is damage to books. 

Anyone having reference or collector books, antique book collectors or curators, all have the same, expected and specific method of handling books. - This is similar to proper sword etiquette being the only allowable method. 

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