Excelled Quality Ensuite Kyushu Daimyo Sword
Chikuzen Nobukuni Yoshinao - with Yoshinao Tsuba
A completely custom-ordered Yoshinao sword blade with Yoshinao Horimono on both sides, custom-ordered Yoshinao Tsuba with sculpted Shiguretei kartouche, and with custom-ordered Kyushu Koshirae of the very finest quality. The Iron Same-gawa inclusive of the Dragon Menuki design is the most unique to be found.
All local to Kyushu. This is a top quality, Daimyo quality piece. At this time, Kuroda Tsunamasa was Daimyo of Chikuzen at Fukuoka. The Chikuzen Nobukuni were the artizens for the Kuroda Daimyo all the way from founder, Nobukuni Yoshisada with Kuroda Nagamasa.

Includes the receipts and notes from Cary Condel
to the present owner

Chikuzen Nobukuni History
The Chikuzen Nobukuni group were founded anew by Momoyama Nobukuni Yoshisada in the Keicho.
With NTHK Yoshikawa Kanteisho - Oct 1996 no. 14356

Saijo Horimono - Flying Dragon and Pearl


Shiguretei - a famous design of Umetada Shigeyoshi
By Nobukuni Yoshinao

All carved Iron Tsuka with carved Iron Same of Clouds and Dragons

Carved and Sculpted Saya
with Kyushu Dragons and Clouds, Iron with Gold and Gold Nunome Ensuite Fittings

Finest Kurikara Flying Dragon and Pearl Horimono

Gold-Covered Seppa, carved in Bamboo Pattern 

Darani Katsukuni
Finest carved Iron Kosuka

A Prior Dealer's Description given to the present owner
dealer's description paperwork
Chikuzen Nobukuni History