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Using The List of Swordsmiths

The LIST OF SWORDSMITHS is arranged alphabetically by name and names of like characters, chronologically by date. Reading from left to right, each cell starts with the swordsmith followed, when appropriate, with an entry of his professional lineage or generation, or a note of special award or significance. Third is the time period and date, with the province found next. The next few entries are a cross-indexing of names to page numbers of the major reference volumes available to most collectors.

By page number: the fifth column indexes the TOKO TAIKAN, sixth, the SHINTO or SHIN-SHINTO TAIKAN, seventh and eighth is the FUJISHIRO set and Hawley's revised number system for the newer expanded edition. The ninth listing is the Japanese value level.

The following two columns list a point system, followed by lineage.


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