The World
of Nobunaga

Under the ODA foot 

The Sengoku
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Nobunaga & Mitsuhide Pound the Rice
         Hideyoshi Kneads the Dough
                   Tokugawa Eats the Cake
IYEYASU had gained TOTOMI in his alliance with SHINGEN but in joining the ODA block of the planned TAKEDA march and supply line to SHOGUNAL, KYOTO, he created the collision course with SHINGEN at HAMAMATSU and the eventual TOKUGAWA rise from his vassal’s fateful shot through those syrupy tones of NODA Castle’s hypnotic flute. See Shingen

After SHINGENs’ son, the impetuous KATSUYORI, died under hoof with the last ragged remnants of his father’s great clan, swinging his father’s great sword, the KAInoKUNI GO YOSHIHIRO, TOKUGAWA gained the rich TAKEDA spoils and spears. 

Takeda coin
KAI and SHINANO bore SHINGEN’s bountiful resources and the great TAKEDA retainers - long held and loyal Samurai families, established under SHINGEN’s stable administration. These were added to TOKUGAWA’s SURUGA, TOTOMI and MIKAWA to become the “Five Great Provinces” and new power belt across central Japan. This and SHINGEN’s “KAI-no-KUNI” GO YOSHIHIRO sword bannered the TOKUGAWA achievement, body and soul. 

The Destiny of Star-Crossed Paths started with 

          NOBUNAGA and a country at war...

A walk to NAGAKUTE...
Forever the up-start - of low birth, HIDEYOSHI had snuck into ODA service with a fiction of name and trappings, purchased with stolen coin. His bravado fascinated NOBUNAGA, who favored him with loose reins and earned reward. Advancing quickly, to fief and family, he had distinguished himself with the ASAI and ASAKURA and was now NOBUNAGA’s right arm and fist, leading the whole of the efforts down the SANYODO, to the lands of the MORI...

HIDEYOSHI, laying the MORI SEIBATSU, or siege, at TAKAMATSU Castle in BITCHU, asked his Lord and leader, ODA NOBUNAGA, - who had set up a KYOTO residence at HONNO-JI - for re-enforcements. Dealing with the MORI was the "on-deck” focus for the very nearly completed ODA unification drive. 

These were the shining warriors, the successful team, and all knew the long division, that had plagued the country, was finally at an end. The great mantel of power, and those who would have it, had been clearly decided. 


Akechi Mitsuhide
AKECHI MITSUHIDE got the re-enforcement assignment - and so his mustering of 30,000 was completely expected.
      AKECHI - SHOGUN of Thirteen Days
Five years before, MITSUHIDE See sword had given his word that a hostage, a mother he had held to effect a surrender, would be protected. A little later, however, NOBUNAGA had had all the hostages from that episode put to death. The survivors conspired a revenge where, in two years, MITSUHIDE’s mother was put to death. This was the motivator deep in AKECHI MITSHIDE’s craw.

Akechi brother, Mitsuharu reluctantly participated. He buried Oda's head. He ended up killing his own family and those of his brother before burning his castle at Sakamoto and Seppeku.

Mitsuharu's sword,
The Akechi-Goshirae

House of ODA

NOBUNAGA's Main Residence, AZUCHI on the shores of BIWA 

Oda Nobutada
 Oda's Sa Tachi
1st son NOBUTADA - Had just finished helping father, NOBUNAGA, TAKIGAWA KAZUMASU and IYEYASU crush the last of the TAKEDA, KATSUYORI at TEMMOKUZAN (see Kai-no-Kuni Go). NOBUTADA lived at GIFU, MINO Province. 

Waiting in his KYOTO residence at MYODO-JI on the 22nd of June, he expected word from his father, across town, to join HIDEYOSHI and the ODA push against the MORI (down BIZEN way). Hearing his father was attacked, he rushed to HONNO-JI only to find he was too late. 

He went straight to NOBUNAGA’s NIJO Castle, housing Prince MASAHITO, and had his own son, SAMBOSHI (child name of ODA HIDENOBU) and the Prince escorted to safety, SAMBOSHI to KIYOSU. 

He then fought a losing battle with AKECHI forces at NIJO and took his SEPPUKU there in the burning Castle. 

Of the several pursuers, HIDEYOSHI would track AKECHI down

When the dust settled, the remaining ODA house, 2nd son, NOBUO and 3rd son, NOBUTAKA were pacified in their expected ambitions, by HIDEYOSHI and the council of the NOBUNAGA generals - including SHIBATA KATSUIYE. 

The generals together invoked the old precedent of giving them the equal assignment of protecting an infant heir through minority - SAMBOSHI, son of NOBUNAGA’s first and eldest, NOBUTADA.

        |_____________________ ______________________
________|___________    ______|__________    ________|___________
ODA NOBUTADA 1st Son    ODA NOBUO 2nd Son    ODA NOBUTAKA 3rd Son 
  ~Rightful Heir~ 
-NOBUO settled with his charge, SAMBOSHI at KIYOSU.
-NOBUTAKA took to departed brother, NOBUTADA’s now vacated GIFU, governing MINO.

"Protecting" the heir - brought the two sides - to war ...and SHIZUGATAKE