Kishinmaro - Masatoshi Kishinmaro. Strong & Powerful

Born Bunka Ju 1814, died, Genji Ni, 1866 with a work period assigned for Bunkyu, 1861.
  Ki / Oni or Devil - from Yukihira, Kishindayu "Devil-God" Bungo Ichimonji helper to the Emperor. 
  Shin "Advance"
  Maro - from Kiyomaro

He was adopted by Iwai Tairazaemon, the career-long head of the Kasokan Shuku Barrier Gate Township.
He lived at Ryuhara "Willow Field" in Edo. He learned from and worked among the greatest smiths of the ShinShinto period, Hosokawa Masayoshi, then with Naotane and made swords with Kiyomaro. Gaining full mastership, he lived and worked with Masao. His swords are Kiyomaro style, many resembling those of Masao.

Wide Motohaba with an elongated Kissaki on "Great, powerful and excelling" sword blades. Jitetsu is Itame Hada where the Itame has much Jinie. There will be Nie on Gunome-Midare Ba with Sunagashi and Kinsuji in great abundance.

Tightly Knit Ko-Mokume Itame shows Jinie on bright, well-worked steel.
A storm of Obusa and Juka Choji-Midare stands proudly in an undulating, Hiro-width Yakiba that shows a profusion of strong Nie
Nakago, and the whole of the sword appears as an old Koto, having four Mekugi-ana and appearing as O-Surage Nakago. In fact several appraisers placed Kantei
of this piece, before polish, as Nambokucho in origin.
The color and shape is excellent and appears as an old sword.

In Shira-saya, new Nagayama polish, NTHK Kanteisho and NBTHK Hozon papers. 
Hada and Steel

Soaring Ji-Nie

Boshi and Monouchi

Hamon and Yakiba

Four Mekugi-ana

Japanese taste Daikon Handachi with Soten Tsuba. Multiple alloy-filled Hitsu-ana