Shinkai Dai-Saku Dai-Mei to Izumi-no-Kami Kunisada (father) by Shinkai"Osaka Masamune"
early work. Soshu style - Soshu through and through. 

Saijo smith - 200 pts Hawley.

This sword has a family history and is known with a certain fame in Japan as it is a published feature in the 
Horikawa Kunihiro Toso no Deshi Tachi - "Famous students of Kunihiro" by Ise Torahiko

Yoshi has stated this sword has absolute top Juyo potential. Particularly fine.

Presently Tokubetsu Hozon from HeiSei 2

In rich Flame Tora-ki Shira-saya with Tsuno fittings and solid-gold double Habaki. 

Streaming Sunagashi, Kinsuji and Inazuma arc through figures